A new joint venture from Modern Sky and Art of Dance!

As of today, China’s foremost indie-music record label and biggest festival promoter is teaming up with one of Europe’s leading dance event organizers Art of Dance. The objective is to create a much-needed platform for Electronic Dance Music in China, including close cooperation in organizing dance events, an EDM record label, and a bookings agency for EDM artists.

Both Modern Sky and Art of Dance are delighted with this new joint venture combining the two companies’ expertise resulting in a fruitful cooperation in the global EDM scene. The first events produced by this new company will be taking place in Beijing and Shanghai. It is the first time ever that one of China’s biggest indie rock promoters and one of Europe’s major players in the dance-scene will collaborate together.

Modern Sky
Founded in 1997 by Shen Lihui as his life long dream to be in the music business, Modern Sky started out as an independent record label for rock ‘n roll bands in China. With over a hundred releases it has surely become the biggest player in the domestic market. Modern Sky is always exploring new working territories manifested by the yearly Modern Sky Festival, Strawberry festival. Modern Sky is now ready for the next step and is happy to be able to work with Art of Dance in this new adventure.

Art of Dance
Art of Dance was founded in the early nineties by I. Moens, P. Moens and M. Hazeleger. This company organizes 20 to 30 larger scale dance-events throughout Europe. Art of Dance is to be concerned one of the major players in the EDM scene worldwide. Strong and long running brands like Pacha Festival, Fabulous, Masters of Hardcore, Free Festival and Dominator have all become household names and attract more and more people every year. High quality production and show standards make sure its attendants experience every event to the fullest. Art of Dance is thrilled to be expanding their activities with this cooperation with Modern Sky.

More details
Stay informed and updated by closely following Modern Sky and Art of Dance on their portals and social media pages. Details and further explanation of this newborn cooperation will be revealed very soon.


Art of Dance was founded in 2001 by Ivar Moens, Matthijs Hazeleger en Pelle Moens, convinced that the global dance scene could use some fresh solid players. They joined forces after working with each other on several projects over many years.

From the beginning the objective was to provide visitors with a unique experience at original dance events.

Art of Entertainment is known for a high production level wherever an event is organised. Whether it’s a luxurious night out at Fabulous; or the longest running and most popular hardcore event worldwide, Masters of Hardcore; or a stadium concert from one of Holland’s biggest bands, everything has been taken care of to the fullest.

Nowadays Art of Entertainment is spreading their wings and moving a few of their most successful projects abroad. Concepts like Bassleader, Syndicate and Masters of Hardcore have already entered the foreign market with great succes. Art of Entertainment is now also bringing their clubby concepts across the border like Fabulous, Incredible and Pleasure Island. In The Netherlands these concepts are household names. Pleasure Island already had it’s kick-off in Czech republic and Fabulous has been rocking the world’s capital of entertainment Las Vegas for several times now. The rest of the world is just to follow.

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